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quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012

Singing Pumpkins 3D Animation Halloween 2006

HALLOWEEN is coming!
Start getting into the spirit!

Background Music Instrumentals - relaxdaily - B-Sides N°1

RELAX  and get down to work!

Free Time Activities


Free time = The time when you are not working, when you can choose what you want to do with your free time.
Free time = Leisure time = Spare time

What do you do in your free time?

   I like …

… going to the cinema and watching comedy, drama, horror, thriller, action, science fiction, fantasy, documentary and musical films.

… watching TV  like the news, soap operas, criminal investigation dramas, medical dramas, reality TV, situation comedies, talk shows, docummentaries, cartoons, game shows and sports programmes.

… spending time with family doing many things and having fun with them.

… going out with friends like going to the cinema, going to the mall and going to the park.

… surfing the internet to research a topic I am interested in, to talk with friends and even to study.

… playing computer or video games  on my computer or on a game consoles, like PlayStation, X-Box, Wii, PSP, Gameboy, etc.

… playing a musical instrument like the piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute, piano, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, etc.

… listening to music like pop, rock, hip hop, rhythm & blues, blues, jazz, classical, soul and heavy metal.

… reading both fiction and non-fiction books and magazines.

… writing my diary, poetry, novels, letters and postcards.

… going to the park  alone, with my family or with friends. I can take a picnic rug and a picnic basket and have a picnic. I can read or even sleep outdoors.

… going to cultural locations and events like going to the museum, to an art gallery or to the zoo. I can also go to concerts, plays and musicals.

… going shopping to malls and areas of the city that are known for shopping to buy clothes or items for my house and garden.

… cooking different types of food. I can make meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can bake cakes, cookies, slices and pastries in the oven.

… studying something like studying a language, learning a skill, such as cooking or do-it-yourself.

… doing art and crafts like painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, sculpting, engraving, making furniture, making jewelry, or  even creating my own new art form.

… gardening like  planting flowers, vegetables or herbs.

… doing a sport to stay fit and healthy.

segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012

Hi, my dear 8th graders!

Here is the correction of the DIAGNOSIS TRIVIA QUIZ - pages 6 - 7

1-b      2-c      3-a      4-c      5-b      6-a      7-b       8-a      9-b      10-c  
11-c      12-c    13-b    14-a    15-a    16-a    17-b    18-c    19- a    20-c

And here is the correction of the DIAGNOSIS LANGUAGE - pages 8 -9

1-b    2-a    3-c    4-b    5-a    6-c    7-b    8-a    9-c    10-b  
11-c    12-b    13-a    14-c    15-a´   16-b    17-c    18-a    19-b    20-a   
21-c    22-a    23-c    24-b    25-c    26-a    27-b    28-c    29-c   30-a 

Hope you did well!
See you soon,
Manuela Galante